5 thoughts on “Circuit Diagram

  1. James Ritter

    I’m doing a project very similar to this for my university, and your posts help out a lot! Thanks I look forward to your future posts!

  2. leopiney

    Thanks for all these tutorials!
    I’m new to this business, and I didn’t understand if it is needed or not to connect the Red wire to the 5v pin. This image shows that, but this one doesn’t: https://solenerotech1.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/tutorialhow-to-control-a-brushless-motor-with-raspberry-pi/comment-page-1/

    I’ve seen in other forums that connecting the red wire to the board may destroy my pi 😦

    What do I have to do? Because without the red wire connected it isn’t working for me :/
    Thanks in advance!

    1. solenerotech Post author

      Hi leo.
      The red wire is the power suply For the rpi.it comes from the esc and it is a 5volt 2 ampere.
      At the end (when) you Will have Your drone Flying,yuo need that wire For sure .that solution is described in this post.
      For the first test you can remove it and use the microusb cable to power rpi.
      This solution is described in the post you mentioned.

  3. Osman

    Can you share detailed circuit diagram or completed parts diagram with our. Because we can not understand exactly imagine. Thanks in advance. (we have f450, Raspberry pi2, dji 920kv brushless motor, 30a simonk esc, 3s 2200mah lipo, mpu6050 gyro). Our deadline is 4 June. Can you please quick reply. Thank u 🙂 contact mail: osmanvilli@adana-aski.gov.tr


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