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Alfa3test. Updated situation

I’m still operative…even if a couple of weeks ago I had some problem with the battery pack.It discharged and didn’t have any idea to be recharged again….

This happend while I was recording some data.In particular I was verifying the test structure behaviour in relation to the variation of the PID parameters.I did some recordings and I can now describe a little sucess: my theorical mathematical model is quite reppresentative of the real quadricopter behaviour.Here you can find the link

In those pics you can see the theorical (blu)  roll and real (red) roll while the pid control is working.

This is the case P=0.3 I=0 D=0.05

comparison teorical _real1

This is the case  P=0.5 I=0.7 D=1,75

comparison teorical _real2

I can use this important information because I can  verify in the math model the quad behaviour playing with the  P,I and  D , waiting to find a solution with the battery pack!