The last missing class is ready: Display

In those days I’m working mainly on the software in order to prepare the release candidate version for myQPI.

I’m going to merge all the functionalities (like motor test, pid tuning etc.)  in one place.

So the last brick is  a  nice and smart user interface :


It is possible to read info about:

  • motor speed
  • roll,pitch and yaw from IMU ( the current value)
  • roll,pitch and yaw from remote controller ( the target value)
  • selected mode  and commands from rc
  • PID values

Using the kayboard arrows, it is possible to switch between modes :

  • Init – where it is possible to load save and modify options (not implemented)
  • ESC – where it is possible to init the  esc
  • Motor – wher it ispossible to move the motor singularly,for testing purpose
  • PID- where it is possible to tune all the pid parameters (implemented for roll and roll rate only).this is thinked to help during the testing phase with quad tied up on 2 side
  • Flying – where it is possible to guide the myQPI  using the joystick command
  • UAV – where it is possible to define a specific path . This has been implemented by changing angles and trottle respect time.

Every mode has got its specific UI.For example in the picture you can see the PID  mode, where the user has to ackwoledge the motor start,  can start the PID control  and then tune the kp,ki,and kd.

This module called  is available on my Github repo. In addition you can find the whole current development (not yet  completed tested on the real quad!) .

If you are curious, yuo should be able to run it by the command python . I can see the program running also in my development pc, without raspberry connected.It should work also for you.

So the appointment is for the next post where I’ll officially launch the release candidate!


2 thoughts on “The last missing class is ready: Display

  1. JR

    Looks nice!! I am also going to build a quad copter based on the raspberry pi. However, I’ve already started building the software (C#). Does your quad copter also have gps?

    1. solenerotech Post author

      Hi JR, No, my quadcopter is only equipped with a IMU (gyro and accelerometer). I suggest you at least to think to have a Kompass in the Imu ,in order to manage the yaw easily.


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