Monthly Archives: November 2014

myQrc. updating current test

Just a quick note of the current development.

I tested sucessfully:

  • ESC mode
  • Motor mode
  • – I modify the calibration procedure.Now after a calibratin, you can see the angles  really equal to zero.
  •  – add yaw in the kayboard command

Performance test: I can run  the mian task and update sensor every 5ms.

(need to take care on log: everytime I add a log line  this time goes up to 16ms ,probably it is the time to open ,write and close the file. So when flying ,do not use debug level).

I’m now facing on some problem with netscan function. The main scope of it is to monitor that the PC used to send command , is always connected to rpi. It is working fine whentested on laptop. In rpi is not so stable. I’m investigating on that.

Also the webserver has got some problems when running on rpi: if i double click on the browser button, sometime it  freeze the main task: not so good… (I’m thinking to remove this funciton from version 1)

myQrc. Release Candidate on Github

Hello, I just upload the myQ release candidate on GitHub. (see permanent link on the right).

It is derived by my but includes many additional features:

  • a new display  that can  show the current state of the quadcopter( orientation and motors)
  • The possibility to switch between modes (init ESC, test Motors, tune PID an so on) .Any mode has got its own tab with an explanation of what yuo can do.
  • a web server that can provide a web page to be used as remote control.From any device using browser just connect to and you get the command page. (honestly it could be a little too slow for a quadcopter, it should be better to use socket messaging )


  • a netscan functionality in oder to be sure that quadcopter did not loose connection with the remote control

So finally it is time to move back to the field, load all this new things on the rpi and deeply test it!!!