myR: server

In myR project there is included a web server in order to communicate with user. The main advantage of this approach is that I can use any device that can run a web browser to get information about my rover and I can also control it from the browser.

I’m using tornado as webserver, and in particular it can provide 3 applications:

  • MainHandler. It provides  the index,html page, the main page, including the camera streaming, the movement buttons and the additional  command buttons.
  • ConfigHandler. It provides the config.html page, used to tune the HSV parameters for the camera.
  • WSHandler. It provides the web socket communication from the webpage to the rover. This is done to a fixed IP address in order to guaranty a fast connection.

You can find this development in the module.

In order to get the main page, start the server  by typing:

sudo python

Then on your browser type:



In order to see the configuration page , type:



Note that since in the example the camera server is not present, you cannot see the camera streaming.

In git-hub I also added the webpages used.

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