myR: Let’s put all together

Now it is time to put all the hardware together.


I suddenly figure out that there can occurs some troubles. In particular my usb wifi dongle sucks a lot of current.

My original design was that a 4xAA Battey pack  can power the rover. So I connected the batteries to the L298N bridge and connect its 5 v output to RPI. But when the rover was connected  via wifi and it starts a motor , the rpi just shut down ( not enough current: the L298N bridge output can give only 0.5 A).

Then I try by using a BEC from battery directly to the rpi: same result.

Finally  I adopted a quick and dirty solution: put a second battery pack , one used to recharge my tablet. (just remember to  put the 2  grounds in common)


In the next post we will talk about the sw.

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