last update 8/2/2016:

Controller: Raspberry pi rev B (512 MB)

wifi: Sitecom USB wifi adapter

motor : D2830 1000kv Brushless

  • 1000kv
  • ideal for  battery 2-4S

prop: Slow Fly Electric Prop 9047 SF (right hand rotation)

Slow Fly Electric Prop 9047 SF

  • Diameter 9 inch
  • Pitch 4,7 inch
  • ideal for battery 3s

ESC: Turnigy Plush 30amp Speed Controller

  • 30A
  • BEC 2A/5V (one is used to power the raspberry)

battery: FULL POWER 3S 11.1V 4000MAH 30-45C

  • 4000mAh
  • 11.1V
  • 3s

battery charger: Equilibrium mini v2

IMU: MPU6050

frame:  reclycled material -to be defined

cabling: Cavo multiplo x 4 esc

6 thoughts on “components

  1. Peredin

    Hello ,

    Did you use some external device to connect the raspberry pi to the esc ?
    Or did you just connected them to the gpio pins of the raspberry pi ?


  2. Cristian

    You connected the ESC’s PWM directly in the gpio; I belive you are using a software pwm, right? If thats the true did you have any issues with the pwm? In my case I can hear a strange noise from time to time !


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