The selected motor is the D2830-11 has the following  specifications:

  • power supply:7,5 -15 V
  • Kv: 1000 RPM/V
  • Max Power: 210 W
  • suggested: ESC 30A, battery Lipox2 with props 10×4.7 or battery Lipox4 with props 8×4

Some theory about brushless motors

  1. The rotational speed is only related to the supplied voltage.
  2. Considering I’m using a battery Lipox3 – 11.1V,  the motor can reach a speed of RPMmax=Kv*V=11100 rpm = 185 rps
  3. The Max current is  A=W/V=18.9 A ,around 20 A
  4. Power can be approximated by:  W=Kp*D^4*P*RPM^3. Where Kp is a constant related to the prop,D is the prop diameter, P is the pitch of the prop.
  5. If yuo conenct the 2 preview formulas   A=Kp*D^4*P*RPM^3/V=Kp*D^4*P*Kv^3*V^2.  The current can increase withthe cube of kv and with square of V.

It is possible to extimate all the quadcopter parameter using this  ecalc  . Here the calculation related to my hardware.

Considering that it is suggested to keep the Throttle % < 80% , it means that quadcopter  weight has to be less than 1,5 Kg

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