project 1

This blog wants to be a path for who likes to start the adventure  of a DoItYourself quadcopter using raspberry pi as controller.

Target: take offe and possibly land.

trou a laptop I  want to send commands via wifi to RPI. RPI sends out 4 PWM signals to the 4 ESCs .The ESC control the rotational speed of the motors. In this project 1 I omitted for the moment the usage of sensors (like gyroscope and accelerometers).  In order to control the orientation of the quadcopter, I included a IMU (inertial Measurament Unit, with a gyro+accelerometer).I want develop a python libary using object oriented programming to manage the main functions of the devices.

Timing: The project started July the 1, 2013. The milestone is fixed for the end of the year.The take off day is now fixed for June 2014 in near future…

Budget: 300 Euro.

Background: I started some months ago to work with linux,with raspberry and no experiance at all in aeromodellism and electronics , so in this blog I try to include all the experiance i can build during my development.They could result basic concept for most of you but for my they can make the difference for a project to run fast.

Site navigation: I devided the menus between hardware and software and for each component I’m building some study in deep.


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