I decided to use python in order to develop the code necessary to manage my quadcopter.

I ( tried to ) use a object oriented programming. Since I’m not a professional sw developer, please accept  I may do some error on terminology and in implementation.Any correction and suggestion to improve my job will be welcome.

So, I created a class (and a module) for each component used.

Yuo will find in the sub menu the description of each object :

  • Motor (this manages in fact esc+motor)
  • Prop (not used for the moment)
  • Sensor (IMU)
  • pid
  • rc
  • quadcopter (this is the main object that manage the whole quadcopter)

For any object I also created a specific module to test the single object ( for example  is used to initialize a ESC and to move a brushless motor).

I’m still developing my code so if some pege is not completed, please be patient.


Finally in oder to install the necessary sw in  your raspberry pi , please refer to this sw installation  page


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