First of all,it could be useful to define some references  used along the project.

convenzioni del quadricottero

convenzioni del quadricottero

Let’s start to name the 4 motors using a number and a orientation reference:

I’ll call motor0 ( M0) ,motor1 (M1) ,motor2 (M2) e motor3 (M3).

(the index starts from 0 because it is more useful when programming in python: an array index starts from 0)

Looking the quadcopter from above , the motors are numbered in counterclock wise.

Considering a cartesian reference system:

  • positive X is exiting M0 with direction M2-M0
  • positive Y is exiting M1 with direction M3-M1
  • positive Z is exiting from the motor plan

In aviation, they are using the following terminology:

  • trottle: vertical movement
  • roll: rotation along the fuselage
  • pitch: trasversal rotation respect the fuselage , along the is also called  nick.
  • yaw: rotation perpendicular the fuselage and the wings.

Considering the simmetry of the quadcopter, we can assume:

  • roll: rotation along X
  • pitch: rotation along Y
  • yaw: rotation along Z

Dimensions are always in mm ,degrees, seconds

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