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Beta1 test preparation

This post introduces you the next test session.

In this phase I’m  developing the software to manage the 4 motors and the IMU.

I made the following modification on the frame:



I added an half sphere attached in the bottom, in order to create an unstable condition on the drone.I double check that  the blades can not touch the field with any orientation.

The target is to see the quadcopter to stay horizontal adjusting  the orientation (roll and pitch) by itsself.

Let’s try!

HW Dev: Frame

This week I was concentrated on the frame of the quadcopter.

hw1I found in a bricolage center this specific cross for mounting aluminium bars togheter.It was available only the format 20x20mm. So I bought it togheter with one meter of alu bar.

hw3I cutted 4 pieces by 250 mm and I mounted in a second.

I drilled the 4 arms  for the mounting of the motors and for fixing the cross.


The motor fixture is drilled for a M3 screw, so I adopted for all the frame the same screws: 12 screws M3 of 30mm.


Note: To be sure that I can remount the arms always on the same position I mark the cross and the arms with a cutter.


  • Bar: 5.90 EUR
  • Cross: 5.40 EUR
  • Screws: 0.8 EUR (25pz)