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HW Dev: Frame

This week I was concentrated on the frame of the quadcopter.

hw1I found in a bricolage center this specific cross for mounting aluminium bars togheter.It was available only the format 20x20mm. So I bought it togheter with one meter of alu bar.

hw3I cutted 4 pieces by 250 mm and I mounted in a second.

I drilled the 4 arms  for the mounting of the motors and for fixing the cross.


The motor fixture is drilled for a M3 screw, so I adopted for all the frame the same screws: 12 screws M3 of 30mm.


Note: To be sure that I can remount the arms always on the same position I mark the cross and the arms with a cutter.


  • Bar: 5.90 EUR
  • Cross: 5.40 EUR
  • Screws: 0.8 EUR (25pz)