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Alfa3test. First tests and rc.py module

I did recently the first tests on alfa3.py.

I found some points where I have to work.

First of all the test structure is now limiting the quadricopter frame  to rotate without be affected by friction.So, when thw qpi is closed o zero degrees, The friction is higher and this riduce the rotationl speed of the qpi, so the system become more stable that expected.I have to review this part of the  structure.Maybe one test I can do is to increase the throttle, so the motor will push higer the qpi frame , reducing the friction.

Now the roll is mechanically limited at +/- 10 degrees.


I now prefer to give more freedom on the qpi rotation, so I have to remove this constrain.

Let’s go now to the sw side. In alfa3 test I included a new module: rc.py (remote control).It has the target to leave indipendent the command input from the main control loop.So rc.py includes an object that can run as a parallel thread , that has the olny tak to wait for the user input. In this phaes the input is given by a keyboard, but I’m still already working on a web server that can receive input from any device with a browser (my smartphone , for example).

I’m not yet publishing the alfa3.py code , since the rc.py has a bug that I want investigate.There is  a delay between the input and the answer of the system.